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Douglas A-26B "Silver Dragon"


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Name:    Carl Bachhuber

Schedule for 2021

Nakajima B5N2 Kate 1st flight.
Photo: George Becker

C-124a FDL 8/15/08...
Photo: Palmer Johnson

The Late Lockheed Hudson Landing 7/2014
Photo: Palmer Johnson

My Mission

Hi, my name is Carl Bachhuber and I am a semi-retired recluse from Mayville a small town in rural Wisconsin.

As a modeler of some 70years my mission is simple and that is to design, build and fly a replica of every plane I've ever liked. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue this scratch building for a while longer.

I do enjoy flying these rather large and unusual planes at fly-ins and shows from the midwest to the east coast. Click on my tentative schedule(below, left) to see the events I plan to attend.

Click on any or all of the following pages. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

A-26B "Silver Dragon" 2021
Photo: Rich Behrend

The late Avro Lancaster

B-36 on 3 at Crook's farm
Photo: Palmer Johnson

Richard Barlow and I, Chatham 2008

Dave White, Stratoliner, me

Fairey Firefly
Photo: Palmer Johnson

DC-6 at Chatham
Photo: Palmer Johnson

Convair 580/CC-109
Photo: Palmer Johnson

Mitsubishi Nell 1st Flight

C-119c Flying Boxcar

Boeing Stratocruiser #377
Photo: Sal Calvagna

Great silver Fleet-2011

JoAnn, Pilot (Dog), planes

Landing at Nall, 2011
Photo: Jerry Smith

Stinson Model A, takeoff, 2018

Neptune, 1st flight April 16, 2019

Northrup RF-15a Reporter 2018 at Goshen, IN

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