Grumman Mohawk OV-1b

This "hawk" has a wingspan of 130" is powered by Zenoah G-62's. Model is scratch built including plans and retracts. Has Fowler flaps and air-brakes which give it wonderful low speed handling. The Olive Drab color above was replaced after the first season in the hot sun. The plane was painted in white training colors which reflects much of the sun and keeps the heat down.

October 2009 Opie and Jeff visited from MN with a trailer. They took the Mohawk, Tracker and Firefly which was about all they could carry. Glad to have a little more room. Think Opie will have a blast with the Mohawk which flys surprisingly well.

Video of Opie flying the Mohawk at FDL 2010.  Video by Rich Behrend.

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