Grumman Tracker S-2

The Grumman Tracker S-2 has a 165" wingspan, is powered by Zenoah G-62's. It has all the usual stuff, retracts, flaps, powered tail skid plus it has slots and spoilers which along with the very small ailerons help turn the beast. The plane flies somewhat like a grain truck. I originally (1st season) had folding wings which were powered by two electric screwdriver mechanisms. This proved to be to much maintence for me and they were removed for the second season. Have had far fewer problems and saved about 4 lbs. in weight.

October 2009 Convinced Opie that his trailer was too empty to return to MN with just the Mohawk. He took the Tracker which had been hanging on the ceiling for a few years. Hope to see it fly again.

Summer 2012 Opie brought the Tracker to Owatonna Event. Seems to like flying it.

Video of Opie flying the Tracker, 2012

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