Heinkel He-111 h6 (2015)

This, my 3rd Heinkel in the last 20 years is the largest at 1/5 scale. It has a wingspan of 178" and is powered with DA-60's. The plane's design and construction was begun in September of 2014 and completed in February of 2015. Good friend Bob Walker built the main gear and retracting tailwheel. I am concerned about the size of the engines as they are quite small but were necessary to hide them in the cowl. Even with the engines small size I had to take liberties with the shape of the cowl. The plane weighs just over 100lbs. 17lbs of which is nose weight. Servos are all Hitec, radio is Futaba 12ch fg.

The first flight took place on March 31st. The He-111 is a really nice flying twin as the wing is exceptionally thick and wide, and the engines are close together.

My good friend Rich Behrend shot a nice You Tube video.

Another good friend Noel Hunt shot this fine You Tube video.

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