Heinkel He-111

The He-111 has a wingspan of 150" powered by Zenoah G-45's. Has scratch built gear. The plane is probably the best flying twin I have. It has had 4 different paint schemes over its 7 seasons. Not only does it drop bombs but it has successfuly launched a rocket powered r/c version of the V-1 Buzz bomb. This latest version is a "J" model which was an earlier model with a standard nose. It was used extensively during the Spanish civil war about 1935.

The picture above right was the crash site of the first HE-111 that I built. It had a wingspan of 105" and was powered by Webra .90's. The plane lasted 6 flights. On flight 6 it lost the right engine on takeoff. I recovered and flew for about 1/2 mile and then had an attack of stupidity. Letting the rudder and aileron go to neutral was not smart. The plane snapped and spun in before I could blink. Results above.

August 2008 Jeff Quesenberry from MN took the plane off my hands and I'll be darned he brought it to FDL in August of 2009. Thanks to Jeff, I had a chance to fly it again.

Video of Jeff's plane done by Rich Behrend at FDL 2010.

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