Lockheed Constellation model 749 (C-121a)

The Connie model 749 project was started July of 2005 and essentially completed by January of 2006. The scale of the aircraft is about 12.2% giving it a wingspan of 180". Unfortunately the fuselage did not fit in my trailer as it was over 11' long with a tail wider than the trailer doors. Anyway I split the fuse so I could get it in. We will see if that was a smart move or not. This thing has turned out to be quite frustrating and certainly shows my lack of any engineering talent. It was originally designed around the Zenoah G-26. However, about midway through the project it became apparent that the engines were just too small. I carved out the firewall's an stuck in Fuji BT-32's. We will see soon if that was a wise move. Will hopefully attempt to fly it soon.

May 3rd, 2006. 1st flight attempt. DuWayne Kuenzi, my wife and I went to the Fond du Lac field. Set the plane up and flew one flight which went pretty much without incident. Engines seem to have more than enough power as the plane was off in about 150'. The winds were quite strong out of the SW which created quite a crosswind situation. The plane rotates easily on landing and appeared in this limited flight to be quite stable. Will provide more info and pics as the days get better.

May 6, 2006. 2& 3rd flights. Winds fine. Plane rotated easily, gear worked fine and no unusual flight attitudes to report. Plane landed easily and tracked fairly straight. Craft is faster than the DC-6.

May 10, 2006. 4th & 5th flights. Slight crosswind. Plane flew fine both flights. Gaining confidence(scary) DuWayne took some great shots shown below. However the sky was quite dreary.

June 2-4, 2006. Plane has 3 flights at Bomber field, Texas. On third flight of the day I dropped right inboard engine and nacelle on a bunch of poor horses. They tried to eat it. Vibration problems with some of the engine, prop combinations.

July 16, 2006. Plane at Warbirds Over Delaware. Have been using 18-10 3bladed Mejzlic(sp?). Vibrations and power are acceptable. Now 22 flights on it.

Sept 17, 2006. Last flights for 2006. Now a total of 42 total flights.  Plane made the cover of the December 2006 issue of Fly RC. Along with some nice comments in an article on the WOD event. Head swelled unacceptably according to my wife.

2007. Plane flew well all summer. Engine issues seem to have been corrected. The Connie had 25 flights for 2007 bringing the total for its first 2 years to 67.

2008. Plane put on 20 flights this season. Bringing the total to 87 since 2006. The Connie seems to be about the most reliable 4 engine plane I have. Does need a complete overhaul especially the nose gear.

Connie Video at Warbirds Over Delaware, 2007!

Connie Video at Monster Planes, 2009!

Connie and B-36 at Monster Planes, 2009.  Video by Bob Barth

Photos by DuWayne Kuenzi
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