Boeing Stratocruiser Model 377

May 6, 2004... Yesterday the Stratocruiser which has been my winter project flew for the first two times at the Fond du Lac field. A few specs; span 180", length 141". Powered by G-26's. Weight about 94lbs. Retracts, brakes, Fowler flaps.

The first flight using 2 bladed props took off after a short taxi test in about 100 to 150 feet. Two clicks of down trim and by the half way mark of the first lap it was hands off. The plane handled very well at both low and high throttle settings. The landings were mostly a combination of pilot incompentence and harassment from my former friends and advisors. Suprisingly the gear held up even after the 2nd landing which was no better than the first. Need to get a new set of thumbs and a faster brain.

April 20, 2007... The Strato is beginning its 4th year of existence. I have still not figured out how to land it decently. The Strato made the cover of HighFlight's summer edition of 2006. Photo by my good friend John Kirchstein.

The original was a NorthWest Airline plane in service during the late 1940's to about 1955. It owes much of its design to the B-29 and B-50. The plane was also known as the C-97 or KC-97 which was used as a cargo and tanker aircraft till replaced by the 707 and the C-130 beginning in the late 1950's.

Photos by Palmer Johnson and Du Wayne Kuenzi

Video of a flight by the famous videographer Rich Behrend.
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