Avro Lancaster Mk-10

The Lanc is my 3rd 4engine scratch design and built aircraft. It has a 170" wingspan and is powered with g-23's. Has scratch built gear and as you can see in the above right picture it has a huge bomb-bay. Plane is actually modeled from a postwar Canadian maritime patrol aircraft. I simulated the planes natural metal finish with a polyester mylar tape. The aircraft has flown at "Joe Nall" and other large events. It's easy to fly and so far quite reliable.

June 2006. At a flyin at Crooks' farm in Indiana Palmer Johnson took these pictures which show the Lancaster with the Mynarski's paint job. The full scale Lanc visited the EAA a month later and of course looks a thousand times more impressive.

Note the left engine out on approach. It was an awful landing which because of my huge ego, I will not show.

August 12th, 2006. Warbird fly-in in Owatonna, Minnesota.  Crashed the Lancaster.  Everytime I brought the throttles back the plane went insanely to the right.  Could not hold it with full rudder and aileron.  Finally got it lined up with the field and as I brought the throttle back it cartwheeled to the right pretty much smashing the fuse.  Sick of plane will build something else with the parts.
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