Miscellaneous Aircraft

Pt-19 from enlarged Sig plans. One of the first giant scale I attempted back in the mid-seventies. Had a converted chain engine for power. I believe about a 105" wingspan. Flew it a couple of years and eventually sold it.
Fock Wulf FW-190d9. This was built about the same time that the Dauntless's were. The plane had about 100"+ wingspan as I recall. Flight's were marginal because of lack of power. Think it had a Kioritz(Sp) engine which was barely able to taxi the thing fast. With the engines of today installed it would have flown very well. Sold it in 1983.
AT-6 Texan. Built in the early 1990's from Don Smith plans. Rather small at about 84" wingspan. Flew for a couple of years till it decided one after noon to pick corn at high speed. Not much left of the plane or corn.
Cessna 172. Early 80"s. Think it was a Royal kit.
Stearman. Bought it from Kelly Goodrich and refurbished it with a G-62. Believe it had a 96" wing. Flew fine. Got tired of it. The plane hangs in a hanger in Waukesha, WI

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