Boeing #307B Stratoliner

This aircraft was built in the winter of 2006-07. Has 180" wingspan, about 1/7th scale, powered with Zenoah G-26's. Has homemade retractable gear. Weighs in at about 91 lbs. First and second flights were on April 20, 2007. Plane handled well although quite underpowered.

May 2nd 2007. 3 more flights today bringing the total to 8. All went quite well as plane seems very stall resistant.

This replica was modeled after one of I believe only 15 built by Boeing around 1940. This particular plane was done up in TWA livery with a false serial number for a sales trip.

Sept 2007- Plane totaled 34 flights for the year with only one incident at WOD. Damage was slight and the pilot of that flight shall remain unnamed.

Photos by the famous photographer George Becker.
Nice flight video of 307 doing a loop by Rich Behrend...June 2011
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