Lockheed Hudson, Mk V, Coastal Command 1942

This Lockheed Hudson was drawn, and built during the winter of 2012, 2013. This aircraft has a span of 180" and is about 23% of the full scale. It is powered with DA-100's and weighs in at 105 pounds. Good friend Bob Walker designed and built the retracts. The wheels happen to be ultralight tires with Serria brakes and rims. The Fowler flaps extend approximately 8.25" and are actuated by 4 Down & Locked jackscrews.

1st flight, actually the first 3 flights were uneventful as the plane flew just fine even with the flaps extended.

August 30, 2013. On flight number 31 at Muncie, IN the Hudson was destroyed by an unidentified, inept pilot who in an attempt to fly over another aircraft on the ground managed to stall the plane. It was not the fault of the aircraft. The pilot is due for some retraining. Wreckage has been recycled in an appropriate landfill. End of story.

Video of first flight May 1, 2013 at Fond du Lac by good friend Rich Berhend.

Video of last flight of the Hudson...August 30, 2013

Photos below by Palmer at Chatham, Ont. July 2013
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