Lockheed Electra 2 L-188

Electra is my winter 2010-2011 project. Span is a short 160" Using Evolution 26's. HiTec servos throughout. Robart wheels and brakes along with Bob Walkers custom made landing gear. Drew up the plans and began building in September of 2010.

Electra's were introduced in the late 1950's an were used by many airlines as an efficient short and medium haul aircraft. By 1970 most airlines had shifted to pure jets but the military, the Navy in particular used a version called the Orion of which a few may still be in service today.

April 13, 2011 Chuck Backman, George and Pam Becker were nice enough to show up and provide technical assistance for the first flight. Chuck, a retired AA Captain and all around good guy provided just the right amount of immoral support I needed. Plane is quite fast has some issues with gear doors and flaps but the general airframe seems ok.

May 7-13, 2011 Flew the Electra 8 times at Joe Nall event. Worked fine.

Great Electra video by Mr. Paul Daniel

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April 13, 2011
Photos by George Becker
May 13, 2011
Photo by Jerry Smith
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