Douglas C-124a Globemaster - 1956

I started on this aircraft by drawing the plans in April of 2007. It has a wingspan of 200" and is powered by Zenoah G-45's turning 20X10 3 bladed props. The plane has taken much longer to finish than originally anticipated primarily because of my laziness and the complexity. I hope to begin testing by May of 2008. The craft has scratch built retracts and SPC brakes. The nose cargo door opens and at some point if it flies it will haul a tank.

1st Flight video,  Fond du Lac, WI    2008

Warbirds Over Delaware video  2008!

The 1st flights took place on April 30th, 2008. The entire 3 flights were conducted at less than 1/2 throttle. It rotated quickly using about 100ft of runway. Wing seems to have much more lift than I expected. Somewhat pitch sensitive. Will learn more about that in future flights. Will save the tank hauling for later flights.

All photos by the multi-talented George Becker

Sept. 2008 Finished the 2008 season with 41 flights. Some were quite hairy as the plane or pilot does not handle crosswinds well. Landings can be interesting to say the least. Especially when the tank is on board.

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