Nakajima B5N2 Kate Torpedo Bomber

Built in 2006 powered with a DA-100, wingspan 150". 25% scale. From my own plans using modelcad. The planes torpedo is about 50" long. The retracts are scratch built.

4/28/2007  1st flight was uneventful as the plane was airborne in the rather strong wind quickly. The first attempt at landing using flaps was a failure the plane's tail simply would not come down without causing it to baloon back into the air. The second attempt without flaps worked much better.     2nd flight with the torpedo attached was actually more difficult as the strong wind wanted to weathervane the plane. Finally got it airborne, dropped the torpedo, and landed in haste as the engine appeared to be losing power.

Sept 2007. Did get 26 flights in for the year. Actually changed the gear and balance point a bit which has made it a bit easier to land.

Sept 2011. Have been flying the Kate off and on for the summer and it's really flying quite well.

Kate video...Fond du Lac, August 2011...By Richard Behrend.

Pictures by George Becker
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