Sikorsky S-43 JRS-1 "Baby Clipper" 1935

This project was begun in September of 2013 with an expected completion date of April 2014. The plane has a WS of 200" which makes it about 1/5th scale. The S-43 is powered with 2 DA-100's and has a weight of about 110 lbs. My good friend Bob Walker designed and built the main gear as well as the retractable tailwheel. The S-43 has not been waterproofed as yet. Suspect it would need a periscope if we tried to float it.

May 4, 2014 1st flight lasted about 1 minute. Took off very easily and climbed to about 150 ft. I throttled back and at that point the left engine sheared off all 6 of the prop bolts. However, the prop continuing to freewheel never left the plane. Well after a couple of yawing turns I was able to set it down in the parking lot of the Fond du Lac field. The plane is undamaged. Engine is going back to DA. These are the same engines used in the ill-fated Lockheed Hudson.

May 31, 2014 1st complete flights (2) after the crankshaft on left engine was replaced. Plane flew nicely. No issues and very easy to fly. Bob's gear has held up well inspite of my poor landings.

July 22, 2014 Plane has been flown a number of times at different events. No real incidents yet. Have been avoiding strong crosswinds.

Great S-43 video by Rich Behrend!

  Photos by Palmer Johnson
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