Convair B-36b Peacemaker

I started drawing this project during 2006. Soon afterward I put it away as it seemed to me that it was going to be a great deal of effort with my level of expertice(or lack thereof). Sometime during 2008 my good friend Bob Walker and I started talking about building a B-36. Well, I went home, got out my half done plans an began work on the Bob Walker Intercontinental Bomber. I have my doubts that it will ever fly but it's too far to turn back. If the thing has enough power and the engines don't run hot it may fly sometime during 2009.

May 3rd, 2009. Well, the last part of construction went at a relatively fast pace with the help of Bob Walker who fininshed up the gear and extensions. All his mechanisms are works of art as well as functional. The first flight was uneventful except that just prior to the takeoff I wet my pants. My flight engineers George Becker and Larry Turner quickly gave me a Depends and we were off and running. The takeoff roll was about 300 feet with no unusual tendencies. Flight lasted about 8 minutes. Engines which I was worried about did not overheat. Will report more as testing continues.

May 8th, 2009. Good day as 3 more flights were put on the beast. No real problems. Gear worked flawlessly. Best takeoff run was about 250 feet with partial flaps. See pics below.

May 31st, 2009. Another good day with flights 11 and 12. No problems other than lack of skill on my part. That I shall correct with a self administered brain transplant. Think this beast is ready for some other fields.

July 29th, 2009. Total of 25 flights. Some quite hairy like the one that wasn't in Chatham, Ont. You can see the video of that aborted takeoff stupidity below.

August 16, 2009. 5 more flight during the FDL event. See video below.

Nice video made at the Warbirds & Classics event 2009?
Want to see the B-36 and Connie fly together at Monster Planes, 2009?
Nice video of flight in Owatonna, MN 2010
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