Stinson model A Trimotor 1935

This attempt at modeling a 1935 Stinson Trimotor was forced upon me by good friend Chuck Backman. If this is one of his favorite planes from the 30's he in need of some serious psychological help. I suspect he just wanted to see if I'd was dumb enough to build it. Well, being rather stupid, design and construction was begun in late spring of 2016 and should be completed by December 2016. The original drawings were Cleveland rubber band plans blown up to 1/4 scale giving it a wingspan of about 180". Power at least initially is DLE-40 twin cylinder engines. We'll see if they've got enough power next spring(2017). The famous designer Bob Walker built the main gear. The plane weighs just over 100lbs. Servos are all Hitec. Radio is Futaba 18ch sz.